shaken not stirred

We are one week into our trip and the capsule wardrobe is holding up well.  We did have to make one purchase, a windcheater each, which we really ought to have thought to bring with us.  We went to see the penguins on Phillip Island and whilst the wind was not that cold, I think we might have struggled a bit without them, and bearing in mind the inclement weather in Melbourne I am sure we will get plenty of use for them.  As you can see – we could have done with them on day one!



The first challenge the wardrobe got was when the Boss announced that the dress code for the conference cocktail party yesterday and dinner tonight was “A Touch of Bond”.  This is in honour of the the Designing 007 – 50 Years of Bond  exhibition at The Melbourne Museum where the dinner is being held tonight.  It is a little ironic as  my father was the lawyer for Eon Productions for the first 14 Bond films and I grew up with Bond so to speak.  However, memories of Pinewood Studios were not on my mind as I worked out how I was going to get around this little hiccough.

However, I am nothing if not inventive.  White trousers, white jacket, bronze satin top, heels and my essential Butler and Wilson Union Jack brooch and earrings and I thought I might just pass for a mature Bond Girl.  So you can imagine that I was marginally put out when the Boss called out “Come on Miss Moneypenny”.



Tonight I swap the trousers and top for a silk spotty dress and flash the Butler and Wilson 🙂







10 thoughts on “shaken not stirred

  1. That’s some rainstorm, but it sounds like you did the right thing by buying jackets. I’m sure you’ll get some good use out of them.

  2. I think we need a photo of your bond girl. I do like your broach and earrings. Very bond.

    I can’t believe that rain, not what you are thinking of when you pack for Australia

  3. Gillian, I am so happy to hear you trip is going well, and Melbourne weather has not let you down. They say you can experience all four seasons in one day in Melbourne. I love the brooch and earrings. They are fabulous!

    1. And true to form today is beautiful! We are gradually heading north (though not as far as Cairns) so I believe the weather will improve. Apparently the Queenslanders at the conference have all been complaining how cold it is!

  4. Yes, I join the clamour for a photo of Gillie as the “Mature Bond Girl”! SO not fair telling us about it, without publishing a photo!

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