I’m sure you have far better and more interesting things to do than read about a middle aged housewife in the north of England.  But since you have taken the trouble to click on the link I owe you an explanation.

As I said, I live in the north of England  I am married to an exceptionally patient, although rather untidy and chaotic, husband  and have three gorgeous daughters aged 24 and 21 (yes, they are twins, yes they are identical, no I don’t confuse them, yes they have very different personalities, and no they don’t ever wake up in the morning and wonder if they are the other twin – they have been asked that…!)

We live in a wonderful old rambling house a few miles out of the village with 1 dog , 4 cats and various chickens.  During the summer we battle with canine and feline fleas and scratch bites on our ankles and during winter we battle to keep the house warm and hope that the car can make it down the lane.  Life is good 🙂


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  1. Hi Gillie!
    I’m starting a “blogging support group” on Facebook this weekend with two fellow bloggers–Bethany at My Journey to Ithaca and Mark at The Minimalist Couple. Basically, it’ll be a place to connect to other bloggers who want to grow their blogs, get advice, share their posts, share articles on blogging, creativity, photography, etc. Would love you to join. It’s a closed group, so if you’re interested, we need to be officially “friends” on Facebook–you can send me a friend request at Joy Sussman and I’ll add you in. Hope to see you there! Cheers, Joy

  2. Stumbled upon you on 40+Style and will more than likely stay awhile, not because I’m all about less (Sheesh! Have you read some of my replies over there? I’m a miserable pat rack and own practically one copy of everything, if not three!) but because you’re writing voice is immediately and compellingly engaging. And you’re properly British which makes my humble little Anglophilic heart sing hallelujahs. 😀 Perhaps you’d consider stopping by my blog from time to time and gracing me with tiny doses of Briticisms from time to time?

    M @ http://www.myclosetcatalogue.com

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