experience don’t record

One thing that is immediately obvious when you hit any form of tourist trail is that the cameras come out.  Picture of Tower Bridge, tick; picture of Sydney Opera House, tick.  Where it really struck me how much people were linked permanently to cameras/phones was at the Aquarium in Melbourne.

I didn’t take a single photograph at the Aquarium.  Not because it wasn’t beautiful, but because a tiny little square of a bit of a shark or a few seahorses would not begine to capture the magic of actually seeing them.  Of experiencing the moment.

Of course, I have taken photographs whilst we have been in Oz.  But not as many as I might have done in years past.  I am reminded of going to concerts.  We went to see Bruce Springsteen twice last year.  It was magical.  Both concerts were completely different.  I do not have a single photograph nor did I record any of the songs.  At times it was a miracle that I could see the stage at all through the forest of iphones that were being held up above people’s heads.

How many times will the filmer watch that iphone video?  How much of the actual moment did they lose trying to get out their phone, turn it on, turn on the video etc. etc. ?

In the digital age, the one that is supposed to have released us from the tyranny of paper, we seem to be as much a victim as we were before.  To cap it all, I notice that Facebook is now offering you the chance to turn your timeline into a book.

So here are a few photographs of stuff.  Not of anything special, but of things that will remind me of moments now in years to come.  It doesn’t matter what they are of, just enjoy the view.



P1000307 Melbourne


P1000311St Kilda

P1000314 St Kilda


P1000315St Kilda






8 thoughts on “experience don’t record

  1. Oh, brava! Hear, hear! I feel the exact same way! I’m no Luddite, but did you know I barely got a smartphone in 2012? And at my husband’s behest, at that. I, too, am disturbed by the “forest of iPhones”, especially during seminal moments like kids’ performances or concerts. Why don’t people simply enjoy the moment and revel in the “now”? Must be this new voyeuristic social media climate that has us not only tethered to our phones but also has us compete with each other for who has the best life. Hrm…I feel a rant post coming on. ;p

    Oz is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the beauty; I live vicariously through you.

  2. i agree totally, I just try and enjoy the moment now and I don’t take anywhere near the amount of photos I used to. I mean really, as you say, when will those people really look back at a concert recorded on their phones?! And the countless other recordings, and photos of every minute of every day. It is so much more enjoyable to just allow myself to take the pressure off and not worry about recording everything.

  3. I have found the past year or two that I am taking fewer photos and am more selective when I do.
    I have an option on my computer which I love–it automatically changes my desktop photo every day or two and I get to relive various memories by looking at the computer screen. And since I never know what will pop up, it’s always fun.
    My sister-in-law told me of a friend who choose 30 photos from the year and only keeps those–she has to pick and choose carefully but those memories will be most important.
    Love your photos of OZ–some day I’ll visit there!

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