colours and shapes and things that go bump around the hips

I was due to have my “colours done” on Monday, for a variety of reasons Monday turned out not to be good for Alana or I so we have rescheduled for next week.  A few days is not a long time to wait since I first made contact with Alana way back in June.  I spent some time researching who I wanted to see and Alana hit all the boxes.  Unfortunately she was in Nova Scotia until September.  Aagh.  After all my research I wanted them done now.  But I wanted Alana to do them more so I waited.

Why was Alana different?  Have a look at her website and tell me what you think.  Dress Up Cycle.  Quite apart from the name, read the first sentance…. slow fashion. Not throw away high volume fashion.  Not quick make me feel better purchases that hide in the wardrobe.  Slow fashion like slow food appeals.  Fashion magazines have banged on about capsule wardrobes for decades, but they still promote the latest trends and must have items for your wardrobe several times a year.  Apparently one must have item is a pink coat.  Were I in the market for a coat I might consider pink, I have always preferred coats to be, like my handbags, a little distinctive and different.  The only black coat I have ever owned was ankle length, double breasted, fitted at the waist with a HUGE fake astrakan collar.  I wore it to death.  However, I am not in the market for a coat so why would I want to buy a pink one just because it is pretty and on trend.

SInce I did Project 333 I have been much more conscious about my clothes and what I wear.  I had always thought I was relatively discerning but as I filled bag after bag I realised that I had accumulated a load of clothes from skirts and dresses to shirts and cardigans that I liked the look of, but crucially, not on me.  By the time I had pared down my wardrobe I discovered that I wore a few types of clothes a lot, not only that they went together well, fitted my lifestyle were relatively multipurpose and were a capsule wardrobe.


  • Linen trousers in white, black and navy
  • leggings in black, navy and dark grey
  • Full circle skirts
  • straight skirts that come just above or just on the knee


  • plain cashmere jumpers (I have a bit of a thing for cashmere)
  • button back cardigan tops
  • plain white t shirts
  • matelot tee shirts
  • long white shirts
  • tunic tops
  • Long cardigans


  • Silk squares
  • wool (or preferably cashmere!) wraps/big scarves
  • Broaches
  • Big necklaces/pendants
  • Statement ring (one plus my wedding/engagement ring)


  • Shift, from cocktail to beach


I have plenty of jackets but apart from a few occasions I just don’t wear them, likewise jeans are worn only for gardening.  Fitted shirts, however smart never make it out of my wardrobe.  I went through a jersey wrap dress phase but I never felt comfortable so out they went too.

Even if you don’t stick to something like Project 333 forever, just trying it out for three or even six months gives you a valuable lesson in wardrobe and body awareness.  I have a much better idea of the kind of clothes I feel comfortable in.  I have some idea of the colours that suit me and now I can’t wait for Alana to give me her advice and then perhaps if Father Christmas is looking kindly upo me she may be able to come back next year and look at my wardrobe as well.




3 thoughts on “colours and shapes and things that go bump around the hips

  1. I love my long black coat. I bought a pair of pink boots once and never wore. What a waste. Hope you get your colours done!

  2. Sounds very interesting. Since old houses don’t come with much closet space and we don’t really have wardrobes in the US I have never accumulated much in the way of clothes. And since I am always waiting to loose weight (oh that has been going on for years) I don’t really care to even try them on…. But I do embrace the idea of building a base wardrobe with some versatile items… ONE day…

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