we interrupt our normal service …..

for a short personal rant.

I don’t know if you have seen this page on the net. I’m sure if you haven’t yet it will soon turn up in your inbox.   The Van Squigglebottoms

On first viewing, what a good idea. On second…. really? I feel I have a slight moral upper hand. My surname, which I willingly took when I married, is somewhat unusual and has the guffaw potential. Smellie is my name by marriage and not by birth but it is my name and it is not a joke. Okay there may not be any Van Squigglebottoms, but there are a whole load of people out there with “funny” names. They are our names and we are proud of them.

I appreciate what the couple are trying to do, but why choose a name that only promotes giggles? If they really want to make a point then what about taking a name that will make people sit up and notice. In the current political climate that could be an overtly Muslim name for example. Are they brave enough to take on a name that doesn’t make people laugh but may make people back off? I suspect not. In the meantime everyone has a good laugh over the Van Squigglebottoms and if there are any genuine Van Squigglebottoms out there they are probably rather bemused.

Good idea. Cheap trick. Sorry.


4 thoughts on “we interrupt our normal service …..

  1. Surnames and sometimes their combination with first names have always interested me. I commend you for taking on a name that is bound to raise some eyebrows once in a while!

  2. I have a funny name…in French. Over here, people don’t notice. And I am glad not to have any comments any more. And here is what I learned: never to make fun of a name. It is hurtful and gratuitous.

    1. I love the name Muriel (although you may be referring to your surname?) As for name teasing, it’s water off a ducks back to me now. I would so much rather be Smellie than Smith 🙂

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