in only half a day….

How the mighty are fallen.  Operation Purge 2013 went remarkably well.  The house has taken on a new lease of life, I am loving my considerably more modest wardrobe and even the Christmas decorations were cut by half and rehomed this year.

But, and there is always a “but”.  Not all is quite as it seems.  First I have purged more books but haven’t got around to taking them up to Gateshead.


Then there is the “stuff that must go to auction”.  There is also the “stuff for charity that has been collected since Christmas” and finally there is the “stuff in the outbuildings”.  The latter is the most scary.

Regular nagging by the Singers (who are keen for us to tidy up and move to somewhere that is within  a day’s walking distance to a bus stop) was starting to get on my nerves.  Hadn’t they noticed quite how much had been done already, didn’t they  notice that I did have other jobs other than chief clutter cutter?  However, they were right.

So today we:

  • Booked a visit from the auction house;
  • Booked a skip for the stuff that just can’t go anywhere else;
  • Sorted auction and charity to either side of the Gin Gan;


The current charity pile

  • Dismantled the broken ping pong table (and no it’s not repairable we have tried several times) and collected all the garden rubbish for a bonfire;
  • Emptied COMPLETELY two outbuildings;
  • Put a whole load of stuff of Freegle.

IMG_1212[1]Rollerblades anyone?

It is only 3.00pm, we didn’t start until 11.00 and we stopped for lunch.  We are not whirling dervishes, and we had regular tea breaks.  See it doesn’t have to take all day, look how much we achieved in just half a day.  Granted we had a head start in that for the most part we were just sorting stuff that had already been designated in the out pile, but we had put it off for so long because it seemed too much to face.  And it wasn’t

What have you been putting off?

12 thoughts on “in only half a day….

  1. Ah, Gillie! Don’t despair! I think you got loads done by the sound of it! Plus you involved outside help (calling the auction folk) which is more than I can say about my decluttering. I did manage to unload a treadmill into one of my coworkers and I plan to purge my makeup bin but my shoes…was planning to do a cull today since it’s my holiday but the husband chose to stay home and I can’t reveal how much is really hiding in the depths of my closet. Guess I’ll put that off for another day. 🙂

    1. I’m not despairing. Just needed a jolt to get me back on the bandwagon. Good luck with the shoes. It took me two or three goes to get mine down to manageable proportions and more could still go.

  2. It sounds like you have done lots today. I’m in the process of helping my daughter clear out to prepare for a move–yesterday, it was broken toys and old papers. Today–more papers!

  3. I sort best when I’m in a bad mood! Unfortunately, of late I have been pretty mellow and going thru stuff produces a lot “Oh, how sweet, it’s the old …(baby shoes, fudge tin, picture book, )………………… you name it!” I really need to get up grouchy one morning soon!

  4. I ALWAYS put off actually getting stuff out of the house which I have decided to get rid of- I take anything useful to charity (I can’t be bothered with selling things) but it usually stays in the spare room for months until someone is coming to stay and I finally load up the car.

    I really must sort it out soon! Maybe on Wednesday…

    1. Getting it out of the house is also the hardest job for me too. In our case there is so much that if we don’t we will drown. As for selling. I’m absolutely with your there, I can’t be bothered with ebay, With a few exceptions it has always been more efforth than it is worth. But we have a lot of furniture and silver etc to get rid of – they will be sold not donated 🙂

      1. ‘Luckily’ I don;t have anything that is worth selling! Other than some textbooks, which are worth the effort of listing on Amazon. Although I will be glad to get the space in the sideboard back when the books are all gone!

  5. Whether you sell it or donate it I don’t think matters. We have only sold things that were worth over £50-£100. Under that I would rather donate it, if I have spent the money buying it I thought I could afford it. I may have been wrong, that is the price I pay. And besides, I really cannot be bothered to package up and send something for which I have recieved £5. I would rather it went to charity. I appreciate, before I get a bagful of emails, that I am in a position to make that choice.

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