my own medicine

I recently gave advice about how to declutter your wardrobe.  How to stand back from the emotion, guilt and downright exhaustion that leads you to let stuff you will never wear put down roots the size of Japanese Knot Weed in your wardrobe.

This weekend I took my advice.  I thought I had taken my advice some 3 or 4 months ago.  But Reader, I had not.  Project 333 gave me a better idea of how much stuff I didn’t need.  It also gave me a glimpse of how much stuff I didn’t really want.  I kept it because I thought I might wear it, but deep down I knew I wouldn’t.  Not necessarily because it didn’t fit (though there were some shocking revealations on that front) but because I just didn’t like them any longer.  Into that category went,, amongst many other things a brown linen dress, green spotty Boden shirt dress, a long check skirt.  All perfectly decent and wearable but not by me.  So they have gone to the charity shop and I hope they find homes with people who will truly love them rather than merely put up with them as I have.

However, the greatest revealation from Project 333 was how flexible my wardrobe was.  When you only  have 33 items to chose from you have to use your imagination and think outside the box just a little.  Remember that post I did a couple of days ago about multitasking objects (the loofah is still my favourite)?  Do the same with your clothes.  Dresses become tops with leggings underneath.  Cardigans worn backwards become jumpers.  Layer tee shirts and vest tops.  Use your scarf as a belt.  Turn lonely earrings which have lost their partners into broaches or pendants.  Long jersey skirts have hundreds of options (see here)

I have more than 33 items in my wardrobe, but I can at long last say that I know precisely what is in my wardrobe, that I wear every single item on a regular basis and that I am have  whole lot more fun getting dressed in the morning because I am no longer stuck in that “I’ll just put this on again” rut.

It really isn’t hard, it really is quite good fun, and you will have a whole new wardrobe without even spending a single penny.  What is not to like?

3 thoughts on “my own medicine

  1. The wardrobe is next on the list. These are wise words and I shall go in armed. The wooden hanger vs flat plastic debate continues…..

  2. I love how you have embraced Project333. I also enjoy reading about the ongoing positive effects. I am very inspired 🙂

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