It’s been almost a month since we began to let go.  What have I achieved?  What have I learned?

We have given away or sold more stuff than I even knew we owned.  Cupboards have been emptied, drawers dynamited and corners swept.  But it doesn’t feel enough.  There is so much more I want to go.

When you start to take out that which you don’t need or want you can see more clearly how much was there in the first place.

I have been doing Project333 for almost a fortnight and apart from a few tweaks I haven’t found it hard at all.

I have far too much in my wardrobe.  It is liberating to only have a handful of clothes.

I thought I would struggle to let go of things I had been keeping for sentimental reasons.  Books were a big issue.  But when I realised I was hording things that I would never use again but still had so much life in them and could be used and enjoyed by other people it was easy.

I had let my emotions create a massive millstone which I moved from house to house but never used.  It took up space and fed my feelings of guilt.

Decluttering doesn’t just affect your living space it changes you.  I am unfit, I need to lose weight and I ought to drink less wine.  I have known that for years.  Now I want to declutter me as well as where I live.

I only have one life I don’t want to fill it or me with rubbish.