I almost bought a dress

Yes, it is true.  I was seconds away from purchasing a dress that I liked, but did not need, yesterday.  I have a dress I love.  Here it is.



It is unbelievably comfortable, it makes me feel a million dollars, it can be easily dressed up or down.  It is perfect for my lifestyle and my wardrobe.  The point is I only have one.  Now, I know I only need one, but I had a relapse.  I found myself thinking that now I had found something I loved perhaps I should have more than one.  This thought completely ignored the fact that I have six other dresses in my wardrobe of different styles that also meet the same three criteria above.  Seven dresses is quite enough.

However, the lapsed me is made of sterner stuff.  I knew I had the one in one out rule.  I earmarked the dress to go.  I sat down.  I chose the replacement and I even got as far as inputting my debit card details.




Here fate intervened.  My card was refused.  I was shocked.  I had just checked my balance and knew there were not only funds available but sufficient to allow a dress purchase.  I looked more closely.  I had transposed two numbers.  I was about to correct them when I realised that although I did love the dress.  I really didn’t need it. Furthermore, once I had purchased it, however much I loved it I would know deep down that it was an unecessary purchase and that would detract from the joy I would have wearing it.

As for the dress earmarked for the charity bag.


It has a reprieve for now.  But if I was willing to sacrifice it, perhaps I don’t really want or need it after all?

PS Yes I do have a bit of a thing for floral prints.  Apparently I am quite on trend this year!