the procreation of stuff


There comes a time in the decluttering process when everything slows down.  The first push is over and you can already see improvements.  The first exodus has been made and items rehomed where they will be used and loved.  You sit back and smile.  Pat yourself on the back and admire your newly neat and uncluttered cupboards.

I have spent quite a lot of time the  last month opening and closing cupboard doors and wandering in and out of rooms and giving myself great big congratulatory pats on the back.  Not content to do this alone I have encouraged, nay forced everyone who comes to the house to do the same.  I have drawn the line at inviting the postman to inspect my linen cupboard, but only just.  I am in the evangelical phase.  I want everyone to know how liberating decluttering can be.  I want to share my joy and I want to show off just a little bit as well.


However, the clue is in the first line.  The first push is over.  I may have won the first battle but the war is by no means completed.  I fully intend to win but it will be a protracted process.  Today I moved all the stuff in the Barn that I had removed from the kitchen.  I packed up tea services and plates and labelled the boxes for charity.  Then for good measure I did a quick whizz around the Barn to pick up any stray items that had snuck in whilst the kitchen stuff was there.  Stuff attracts stuff.  Leave stuff around and it will double in size as more stuff is added to it.  Have no stuff lying around and there is nowhere for new stuff to hide!