usually clean the fridge once a week, but with anything up to five teenagers plus extras I have been filling it as fast as I can just trying to keep up. However, we are about to go on holiday so it needs to be eaten down and furthermore, in the interests of genuine decluttering I think it is time to get rid of some of the things that have been there far too long. Yes Mr Candied Chestnuts of Cyprus.  You are on the way out.

Apologies for rubbish photos, camera battery on charge and phone clearly not up to the job today.

These, I am horrified to say, are the before photos.  It is way worse that usual because the teenagers keep filling it with stuff and haven’t been putting things in the right places.  Dairy always goes under the cheese, surely everyone knows that? 🙂





This is the after photo.  I would like to say in my defence that we never usually have any pop in the house as none of us like it.  But the Dancer has just completed her expedition for her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.  20km a day for 4 days in average heat of 27 degrees.  She has also fed the entire local mosquito and midge population.  I picked her and two friends up from Cow Green Reservoir last night.  “Bring Pop” was her plaintive cry.  I wasn’t sure if they were going to drink it or wear it.







I beg the plastic trays from friends who use the supermarket as I find the perfect for separating out the smaller veg and fruit. It’s a really good way of storing tomatoes as it protects them from being squashed.  I’ve had these (and some spares) for over a year.  Fruit juice is an issue.  We get through loads, and whilst I do squeeze quite a lot myself and we get gallons from our own apples I can’t find any other way of buying juice except cartons.  We use them as firelighter in the winter and they make great trays for seeds but that still leaves quite a few left over.  Milk is another issue.  The milkman doesn’t deliver to us as we are too far out.  Although he has offered to deliver our milk to the castle in the village and we could pick up from there. I think he has juice in glass bottles too.  Also NZ Eco Chick  suggests powdered milk.  Anyone else tried that?

The chickens and geese will be happy!