it just gets better

I love Onya I have had their bag in a bag and their backpack in a bag for years long before anything similar appeared in the supermarkets.  There are far superior to the ones you find on the high street they were originally made of parachute silk (and felt lovely too!)  now they use recycled PET bottles (still lovely but not quite as lovely as the parachute silk!) and are amazingly strong, hold a decent amount (two bottles of milk, two bottles of vinegar, a large loaf, a magazine and two packs of tennis balls just this morning) and squash down to nothing.  Environmentally friendly, very useful and pretty colours.  They are also brilliant on holiday.  I keep two in my handbag at all times

Then today this arrived.  The Onya Weigh.  So far looks just like the regular onya bag in its pouch.



But inside are these little lovelies.


Five ultra light transparent tulle bags for veg shopping.  I avoid prepacked veg and the plastic bags for the loose veg.  My onions do not need to go in a plastic bag.  But sometimes I have no choice, runner beans, brussell sprouts,  I can’t really avoid a bag.  But now no more plastic.  They can go in these.

I don’t need to go and buy and veg… boo hoo, I want to take them out for a ride!

Love Gillie

6 thoughts on “it just gets better

  1. Oh, I love it. I use hemp and unbleached muslin bags in the natural foods store for oats, wheat berries, beans, etc, and have one small mesh bag for other goodies, but it is too large for just one item and I don’t want to put items loose on the checkout counter to bag after they have been weighed and rung up. I may have do go online shopping 😉

    1. Over here they weigh at the till. I am happy for big stuff (squash, a few onions etc) to be loose but for the small stuff I am so looking forward to re-educating my local Co-op and tesco 😉

      1. I ordered a shopping bag, a bag like your new one, and a water bottle and they already arrived from the UK☺

  2. Excellent! Huzzah for reusable stuff and less rubbish! It would make it less “crazy” than showing up at the check-stand with a dozen loose mushrooms to corral on the scale! Not that I’d do that on a regular basis or anything…. 😉

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