other people’s clutter

I was intrigued by the comments from people who said they wouldn’t dare declutter somebody else’s belongings.  In this family when it comes to household stuff everyone pitches in.  But the Boss really can’t be bothered with sorting out clothes.  To be honest he can’t be bothered with putting them away either.  He knows full well that a sort out is in order (just how many pairs of chinos does a man need?) but he is never going to do it himself.  Enter Super Sorter.  That would be me.

I make two piles.  Pile one is allowed back into the drawer.  Pile two is left on the floor for sorting and approval.  This he can manage.  Socks and boxers were dealt with last month (hurrah I can shut his sock drawer at last).  Yesterday it was the turn of belts,  sporrans (yes they are plural), sock garters (very plural) ties and shirts.

The most shocking were the garters and shirts.  This is the pile of  belts and garters that have not yet made it back into the drawer.  Bearing in mind they are only worn when he is wearing his kilt (plural of them too) and that is only worn occasionally, the need to own some 40 pairs of garters many of which are the same colour is quite baffling to me.



That white packet on the right contains an unopened packet of 5 pairs of ….. garters.

The shirts were another huge problem.  This is his shirt cupboard.  I have gone through every shirt and removed those with worn cuffs or collars, stained etc.



This is the contents of the drawer that held the as yet unworn shirts.  With a few ties on the side.



You see my problem.  Not one single one of these shirts is worn, some of them are brand new.  Does he need all of these.  I think even the most generous of you would say no.  Part of the problem is, to be fair, of my own making.  I have let him buy shirts he doesn’t need.  He is a classic example of somebody who has so much that he can’t find what he wants so it is easier to buy a new one.  I haven’t even started on the suits, jackets and trousers yet.

So what now?  Today we will work through the piles together.  He has already acknowledged that he has far too much so step number one has been achieved, but whether the canny Scot in him will let him let go of perfectly good clothes that he doesn’t need is another question altogether.

10 thoughts on “other people’s clutter

  1. I am feeling sorry for the Boss! I hope that you have a nice bottle of red opened, ready to help him through the trauma. X

  2. Similar problem here…. I have whittled my wardrobe to 8 changes plus 2 wedding/funeral outfits. All socks, undies, nightwear, jewelry fits in two drawers. One draw with shoes. Hubby has a) clothes that fit now, b) clothes that fit 20 lbs ago, c) clothes that fit 30 lbs ago, d) running, biking etc clothes from years ago. He may get into them again someday,,,,,,,,,, We have a policy of ‘you deal with yours, I’ll deal with mine’, I say ‘ you better not die first!’ =D

    1. Whittle went rather well I think. He is starting to get the hang of this. Trousers and jackets next week. That could be a bit harder. Oddly enough he did learn the chanter (precursor to the pipes) at school. I don’t think he was desperately good. He was not encouraged to progress to the pipes!

      1. Lol. Our local university mascot is the Scotsman so I get to listen to bag pipes often, even teens find it an interesting instrument to play and have taken it up.

        Gotta love a man in a kilt. 😉

  3. Sounds like your husband will get the hang of this! I think mine is slowly coming around, mainly because I’m getting rid of so much it’s making him look like a hoarder. For over 2 years now we’ve rented a storage place for things we didn’t need (duplicates) when we moved in together. I think now that we’re married he can believe that he won’t need those old ugly dishes and silverware and sheets and comforters….. So today I boxed all that up and I’m giving it to my sister for her yard sale. Yay! Along with a lot more. Suffice it to say my station wagon is completely full!!! It feels fantastic! Just a few more things to get out of the storage place and then we can quit paying them $85 per month.

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