reverse decluttering part three

Today I tackled OPQ.  Frankly the most difficult I have encountered thus far.  Considerable lateral thinking required.



Moving backwards in an orderly alphabetical manner the first things to go were those that quacked.  Or would do if they were real.  Our real ducks have long gone and we now only have a  handful of chickens.  They not only earn their keep but are entertaining and lovely.  These plastic wotsits have been sitting on the guest bathroom shelf for years and even the youngest houseguests have never got them down.  Time to find a new home.

P is for periodicals.  In the great craft declutter I came across piles and piles of magazines.  Lovely ones like Somerset Studio, Scrapbook Trends and Legacy.  But I have been scrapping for almost 15 years and I know my style and much as these are lovely to look at, the point is I don’t look at them.  If I want inspiration I go on the net, or go for a walk or look at my journal.  Out they go.

O is for Oblong.  I really did struggle here!  Back to the great craft declutter.  Boxes and boxes of paints, embossing powders and so forth.  I don’t use them. Somebody else can.  I did think about shoe boxes, but I have already done a major shoe clear out and there isn’t much left to go there.

It’s odd, I have got rid of so much stuff.  But most of what is left does not belong to me.  The Boss has been great about decluttering outside but his wardrobe now exceeds mine and I don’t seem to be able to persuade him to move in there.  I think I might just do it for him and see what happens.  Watch this space.

9 thoughts on “reverse decluttering part three

  1. I don’t know your husband, but I know that I would be walking a slippery slope if I were to declutter my husband’s wardrobe for him. I, also, know how my badly my dad reacts when my mom gets rid of any of his ratty old t-shirts. Good luck!

    1. I am not so foolish as to take it out of the house without his permission! On the other hand I know he won’t get around to it himself. So I do it, he gives the yes or no and I get rid of it. Cleared a drawerful of socks that way last month.. He was quite chuffed to discover socks he liked he had forgotten he had 🙂

  2. Gillie, glad this is working for you, but I can’t see myself being able to declutter this way. I tend to take a space and work it until it’s done. Btw, I don’t think I would ever declutter what belonged to another person, too scary. 🙂 But I can sure think of people i know whose homes I’d love to take on.

    1. We have already done the big clear out. It has taken almost a year and was deep and comprehensive! The craft stuff was the last of the big jobs. But I try to declutter every day, with an aim of a minimum of 10-20 items per week. There are still things that can go but there isn’t one big space I can do. Well apart from The Boss’s wardrobe but I have permission to do that, he knows I’ll do a better job!

  3. My boyfriend has more clothes than

    me since I decluttered…unfortunately he hates tidying up and sorting out (some sort of rebellion?!) and thus gets very grumpy if I even hint that it might be nice if all of his things actually fitted into the wardrobe/chest of drawers!
    Quite a lot of my decluttering has involved clearing out a space of my/shared things to allow his stuff to fit in sensibly. At least now stuff doesn’t fall on my head on a regular basis!

  4. I had to laugh about your husband having more than you – since decluttering, I think that can be said of mine, too, certainly he has more (expensive) shoes than I do!! Wardrobe-wise, my example has rather rubbed off, though, and he’s a lot quicker to get rid of things when there’s no room, any more, or to put a shirt with a scruffy collar in the bag. However, he recently discovered a brand of shirt that actually fits properly and keeps nagging me to buy more – while I am nimbly keeping up with the ironing (much easier these days!) and saying he has plenty LOL!!

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