do not declutter this book!



Yup, you read it right.  I am going to actively encourage you to make a purchase and to keep it!  My book.  It’s got nothing to do with decluttering and isn’t actively aimed at your age group (I am assuming I do not have a huge under 16 readership).  But I think it is a pretty darn good read, and believe me I have read it hundreds of times.  If you do find a mistake please let me know quietly…..

Timesmudger, a tale of murder, time-travel and friendship.  Go on you know you want to.  And I have a a family to feed so think of it as an act charity if you must.

In the manner of an Oscar winner I do have a few thank yous.  First to my family for putting up with me whilst I wrote and nagging me to keep going when I felt like giving up and to the wonderfully talented Lauren Kudo from Cozy Up Designs who is responsible for the stunning cover.

You can buy it in Kindle or paperback version on Amazon so it’s only a click away (I can’t believe I just wrote that… )

7 thoughts on “do not declutter this book!

  1. Just ordered your book Gillie. Can’t wait to read it and give you feedback. Congratulations on such an accomplishment!

  2. A great big congrats to you on this achievement! I have been long working on getting two chapters in a non-fiction anthology published…and it is HARD work–all the editing! How wonderful to have finished with your offering and put it out for the world to share. I am in the midst of a seven book series, but I shall have to give it a go. I actually quite enjoy and read a lot of “juvenile” or “young adult” fiction, as it classified in the library world.

  3. A huge congrats on releasing your book. I hope it is a great success. The cover looks great 🙂

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