not in my name, not in the name of my god

I have friends from many faiths, and some who have none. I admire all of them for their beliefs or otherwise, their strength in defending what they believe or chose not to believe and the way in which they live thier lives. Some, of ALL faiths, are more committed and more strict in their lifestyles than others, but… I am not aware of a single one of them, male or female who has sunk so low as to buy a husband or wife, let alone a child bride or groom who had been kidnapped from a school.

Where, in any sacred text does it say that it is acceptable let alone right to steal a child and sell them into sexual slavery in the name of your god?

5 thoughts on “not in my name, not in the name of my god

  1. It is very unfortunate that most religions as practiced today pay very little heed as to what is ACTUALLY written in their sacred texts. Most of the Muslim practices that cause outrage are not in the Koran (yes I have). People do what they are told by men (and it is always men) who are “interpreting what the text meant” and so speaking on behalf of their god.
    No, no and no. I am reminded of “The Life of Brian” — You must think for yourselves. Crowd – Yes, yes, we must think for ourselves, tell us what to do!

    1. Indeed I agree. I hope my post didn’t come across as an implication that any faith did. My point is that Boko Haram, in particular take the word god entirely in vain.

      1. Not at all, Gillie, any more than my own reply cited any particular religion. I can cite many others. I don’t wish to cause offense to anyone but those religions that have “sacred texts” do tend to disregard what is written there and cling to the interpretations of later leaders

  2. Religion is used for so many crass things, it should not surprise you at the current versions. It does no one any good to cite all the historical processes that religion employed to destroy “the other”. But, this latest event is tragic, as is the one in the Central African Republic.
    The Supreme Being gets maligned by the actions of its followers!

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