“oops I seem to have decluttered” method

Following my earlier post about Marie Kondo’s top ten decluttering tips it seems that the world falls into two categories.  I suppose you could call it the Decluttering Marmite Test.  Those who do it all at once (me) and those who need to do a bit at a time.

Once you have been decluttering for a while you realise that you can be both.  This was brought home to me today while I was putting away the washing.  After a while it becomes almost impossible to do anything without culling a few items here and there.  It is lunchtime, I have spent most of the morning removing copious quantities of malware from my laptop and resetting it and arranging for my new oven to be fitted.  In the meantime I decluttered:

  • my husband’s sock drawer, when you can no longer fit the clean washing in the drawer something has to give.


  • my hair accessories bowl, I put back my cleaned hairbrushes and noticed a few things I never used.


  • the dump zone by the iron, it seems that several things that nobody knew what to do with (because we didn’t need them) had taken up home behind the iron.  Yup that’s an empty space – doesn’t it look good 🙂



I wasn’t actively decluttering but merely noticing what was there when I put things away.  Mindfulness is much in vogue these days, and for good reason.  However, if you are mindful as you tidy up at the end of the day or as you put away your clean washing it’s amazing how much stuff you can pick up in 20 minutes and put out for charity or recycling.

And just because it is beautiful this is the view from my bedroom window right now.



8 thoughts on ““oops I seem to have decluttered” method

  1. In my own decluttering journey (if you will) GIllie, I’ve discovered that my very favorite thing is just an empty space! How nice that you have such a beautiful view out your window!

  2. Hi Gillie.

    Your husband’s pile of socks looks like mine…except I have three times as much!!!

    As spring is finally at my doorstep, spring cleaning and decluttering will be the words of the day around my small apartment!

    Thanks for the kick-start and wow, what a beautiful view 🙂

    Take care and all the best.


  3. Gillie, I did my big purge three years ago and still I keep a bag ready to toss things in that I find I no longer need or want. I love the view outside your window, you are very fortunate. I have a gorgeous view if there are no cars parked in the parking lot to block my view. ;-(

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