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The trip is drawing to a close.  Only ten days to go.  Am seriously considering how to emigrate, on my own if necessary.

Things I love about Australia:

  • The weather
  • The weather
  • The weather….

Everyone is so friendly.  I have no idea how Londoners (and I can say that as I was born and brought up in Notting Hill Gate) survive when they first arrive.  How do they cope when somebody makes eye contact and worse, asks them how they are?

Life is laid back.  I know I am on holiday so it’s different for me, but the Boss has been working, and at times quite hard.  Even he can feel the difference.


The culture and attitude.  This is what really gets to me.  People here care.  There is almost no litter and I haven’t seen any graffiti.  Being ecologically sound isn’t considered a bit weird, for most people it is a way of life.

I know I have several Antipodean readers and I would love your feedback.  Why are you so far ahead of us?  Is it because you are so much more isolated so have had to use your resources more carefully?  Or is it perhaps partly to do with the weather, you spend so much more time outside that you are more in tune with the environment?  Or are you just better people than the rest of us 🙂

Oh and the other thing I love about Australia – the markets. The markets are just the best I’ve been to and believe me I am a market fiend, I have been to a lot.


12 thoughts on “people who care

  1. Gillian, the job is yours ~ promoting Australia to the world. For us who were born and bred here, I guess we take it all a bit for granted ~ the weather, the laid back lifestyle (even when we work hard), and the markets :). But how can you define what makes an Aussie ~ we are indeed a melting pot of nationalities ~ don’t think we think ourselves better ~ but we know we are lucky (in a non-conceited way). Your time has flown. You will have to bring the girls back another time. Enjoy!

  2. I know what you mean – the weather makes a big difference I think. And the fact that we are so blessed my nature here, which makes all our natural produce so wonderful and fresh. The weather makes Oz a very outdoors culture, which makes people happier and more relaxed and more keen to be outside, be active and to enjoy life.

    1. I think the weather really does have a lot to do with it, but I think there is more to it than that. Some kind of active link with the outside world.

  3. I want to go…….now!! I’ve wanted to go to Australia for years Gillie & right now I can’t (would’nt leave Dad for any length of time). But…as soon as I can, I’ll be zooming over there to see an old school pal. The weather must surely make a big difference, a bit of sunshine on the bones makes most people happy & smiley eh? Glad you’ve had a brilliant time, cant wait to hear all about it when you get back. xxx

  4. I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney a couple of years ago and I saw a lot of dried up creeks and fauna dead from the baking sun. It has been a 10 year drought or something hasn’t it?…I must say, I was relieved to get back to our lush green pastures and gushing rivers. 45 degrees C on Xmas day was unbearable! Spring has definitely sprung in Durham this weekend. All the tiny daffodils opened for St David’s Day 🙂

    1. It’s still dry. We were in the Gold Coast hinterland yesterday and whilst it was still pretty green the creeks were dry after the absence of the summer rain. But weather aside, I find Australia so much more open to change than we are. And their farmers’s markets are lush!

  5. Gotta say I thought our Summer was way too hot this year several days in a row of over 40 is horrible, I even thought about all the lovely cold weather in England! But now we are in gorgeous Autumn so I am happy, warm days and cold nights, perfect. Glad you enjoyed your stay. All I can say about graffiti and litter in my area is that the council are really on to it and clean it up straight away, also many schools have programs trying to educate the kids (primary and secondary) to look after the environment.

    1. I loved Melbourne, it was the first place we came to. My husband was a speaker at a conference at the Conference Centre on South Wharf so he was working much of the time (though we did get to see the penguins together) but they put us up at the Wharf HIlton which was perfect as I just walked everywhere. I got up to Fitzroy and down to St Kilda (though I did use the trams for them!) The weather was just perfect. I read about your heatwave and the poor players in the Australian Open. I have to agree 40 degrees is a tad too hot. But endless rain and mud is pretty grim too 🙂

  6. I am so glad that you have truly connected with Australia, and love the fact that you are considering emigrating.

    I am unsure why we live the way we do, and why it is more thoughtful, and different, but I do know that I love it, and every time I travel, I can’t wait to get back home.

  7. Someday I’d like to go to Australia. And New Zealand. And well, probably a lot of places, but those two are in the top five for sure. I am so glad you’ve been enjoying yourself.

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