the bottomless pit…

Today we moved outside.  We cleared two of the back outbuildings yesterday but they were relatively straightforward.  Today we headed into the boiler house and courtyard.  This is mostly garden/building/tools/OMG what do we do with this rubbish.

I have to confess that I lost some of yesterday’s enthusiasm as I tried to restore order in and around the greenhouse.  It had got so bad that I almost found myself unable to listen to Gardeners’ Question Time on the radio my shame about my own garden was so bad.

Most of the stuff is pure rubbish.  There are some new tyres (for a car we no longer own) that are good to go but little else.  I didn’t realise it was possible to own as many plastic flower pots.  If I were to plant enough seeds to fill Hyde Park and pot them all on individually I would still have some to spare.  Half a gate – really?  Lots of broom handles without brooms, perhaps Hogwarts would like them for beginners.  Assorted tools that look positively lethal and are probably banned in most civilised and possibly even uncivilised countries and the obligatory paint pots.  Half empty, colours we no longer have on our walls and impossible to open anyway.

In a way this is easier than inside purely because most of it is pure junk.  There is little need to wonder if something is worth keeping “just in case”, for even the most agile lateral thinker would have a hard job finding something that most of the stuff could be practically used for.

So here are the pictures.

Work in progress



You can see the finished product tomorrow.  We are going back outside now!

5 thoughts on “the bottomless pit…

  1. Loved your article! hahaha! Love the part about saving half a gate–been there; done that. Reminds me of when I blogged about the “statement” our laundry room was making. It certainly feels good to clear the clutter though.

  2. I have a really hard time getting motivated to do outside projects like this in the cold so kudos to you for doing so. I am SUPPOSED (it’s been rescheduled 3 times) to be having a storage unit delivered to my business property tomorrow and am very excited. It was a gift and I only had to pay the transportation. I am so ready to sort through an existing unit and reorganize into the new one. But it will have to wait for a nice, mild, sunny weekend day. Right now we just don’t seem to be getting our usual mild weather 😦

    1. I am like that with the garden. I love a beautiful garden but I have a real problem getting motivated to actually do the work that needs doing.

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