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Today was “hair day” on 40+ Style Challenge.  I challenge ANY woman to declare that she has not wasted hours wishing her hair was finer/thicker/longer/curlier/straighter.  There is a lot that a good hairdresser and a good cut can do but few of us have a hairdresser at our beck and call.  We are the DIY brigade, cut and colour at the salon and otherwise it’s up to us.

For many years I used shampoo.  Only shampoo.  No conditioner, no fancy hair packs, no serums, no oils, nothing.  And my hair was fine.  Then in my thirties it became rather listless.  I succumbed and bought a conditioner, whooooo silky hair.  I was hooked.  I had oils, serums, conditioners, leave in conditioner sprays, heat protectors, sun protectors.  My hair was better defended than Guantanamo Bay.

But the problem with all that stuff is that it doesn’t half take up a lot of space, and it all comes in plastic bottles etc etc.  So I went on a detox.

I haven’t gone “no ‘poo” but I started buying whatever shampoo and conditioner was on special offer.  One was pretty awful but the rest have been fine.  I still have plastic bottles but I’m working on that.  I am going to give solid shampoo a go.

The point is that my hair has not fallen out/gone green/turned to straw.  I am old enough to remember beer and vinegar rinses, egg and oil hair packs and the magic of coconut oil.  At the end of the day the stuff on the top of my head is dead keratin.  I’m going to look after it, but I do not need to waste my money nor clutter my bathroom with a whole load of products.

15 thoughts on “hair and there

  1. I got annoyed at the price of shampoo etc recently and started buying the cheapest stu. So far I can’t ser any difference from the expensive stuff.

  2. I’m waiting to run out of my (huge) bottle of shampoo before trying no-poo! It’s good to know there are some other low maintenance (or different maintenance) ladies making a go of it 🙂

    1. Good luck with no poo. I know plenty of people who swear by it and it does make a lot of sense. I’d like to try it but have never quite got beyond the icky first two weeks.

  3. I tried going no poo but gave up due to the horrible lank mess my hair had become! I was impressed by vinegar as a conditioner, though. I now use Neal’s Yard Remedies shampoo- expensive, but less so because I work for them. I don’t like the clutter of hundreds of products- shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower, and other things like deodorant and contact lens cleaner in my washbag.

    Having watched Tudor Monastery Farm (!) I think the key to going no poo is lots of combing- the Tudors apparently believed that washing in water let disease enter your pores, and thus cleaned their hair by combing it a lot with a fine toothed comb.

    1. I’m not sure aoout cleansing hair with lots of brushing but I have heard that plenty of brushing helps encourage the oils that are necessary for no poo

  4. Okay, is this primarily a British thing? Because when you ladies keep talking about “no poo”, I’m thinking “no feces”? Argh! LOL.

    As for the shampoo in question, I’ve taken to only poo-ing (chortle) my hair every other day and that seems to work out fine. Sometimes, a gal’s gotta have dirty hair for a particular style to work. Or if a gal’s just too darned lazy and has a kick butt shower cap. ;p

    M @

    1. Many eons ago when I was confirmed we were expressly told NOT to wash our hair for at least three days before the service otherwise our veils wouldn’t stay on!

  5. Also, since I’ve run out of “reply” buttons on my blog: yes, Gillie, let’s just write in English with only a smattering of French. I had to Google translate the part about medical texts so I must have some REALLY dusty French abilities.

  6. Cursed with ultra-fine hair and a husband who detested me colouring it, I finally got the hairdresser of my dreams. Jennifer comes to the house, listens to me, does ONLY what I ask, suggests rather than insisting and gave me a make-over cut and colour that took ten years off me. I have never spent a fortune on “posh shampoo” because my limits are “animal-friendly”. The twenty-odd years I’ve been in France I’ve used nothing but Yves Rocher – cheap on special offer ‘(only buy it on special) and guaranteed all plant-based, non animal tested. Magical!

  7. Same here, I’ve been using the cheap supermarket almond shampoo (3-4 bottles so far) with no negative effects. I probably wouldn’t last with no-poo (as far as I’ve seen, a very American movement!!).
    Janet at The Gardener’s Cottage has just been writing about olive oil. I think I will give my now grey and slightly winter-dry hair a treat with that :). Can’t find coconut oil here or I’d try that…

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