here’s to the best year yet ….

I am not one to go in for new year resolutions but I am all in favour of new year plans.  Which I suppose are a variation on the NYR with more backup.  If your NYR was one of the pretty standard ones “I want to lose 20lb” then even the most ill forward thinker would have enough nouse to know that the 20lb will not just fall off all of its own accord.  A plan is required to assist the process.  This is variously known as “going on a diet”,  “eating more sensibly”, “joining the gym” or “bloody  hell my bikini has been shrunk”.



The problem is with all those other more nebulous resolutions.  “I will declutter”  “I will spend less money”,  “I will write more letters and send less emails”  “We will grow more of our own veg”.  The resolution is made, the virtuosity index hits the roof and then……….. nothing happens.

How you plan is entirely up to you.  But there are three vital ingredients to achieving what you want to do, PLAN, PLAN and PLAN.  I have tried various systems over the years, both my own and those dreamt up by other people.  My personal favourite is The Best Year Yet  I first used it some six years ago and worked from the book .  Now I use the website because I like the interactive monthly and weekly goal setting, the interactive review process and the information about how well I am doing at each goal.

There are a plethora of systems out there, don’t take too long looking at them all.  At the end of the day it is your goals that count not how you get to them.

Once goals are in place you need to break them down into manageable chunks and that is where I love BYY.  I can print out a weekly set of tasks that are directly related to each goal and pin them in the appropriate page in my uncalendar.  So when I am planning my tasks each day I am reminded every time I look at my to do list of the things I have to do if I want to have my best year yet.

I am a bit of an organiser freak, and readers of my previous blog Skybluepinkish will have journeyed with me as  I sought to find the best way to keep my life on track.  For the past year and a half I have gone back to my filofax


and added an uncalendar .


The former holds my diary, notes and bits and bobs.  The latter is command control.  It holds my daily to do list, meeting notes, telephone messages and notes to self.  Weekly accountability for personal disciplines (eg yoga, walking, meditation, morning prayer and journalling routines etc.), weekly menu plans, anything at all that pertains to day to day living.

Whatever rocks your boat.  But even if you make a plan it won’t work unless you have a means of breaking down the plan into manageable chunks and keeping track of your progress.  Personal accountability is key.

And what does this have to do with decluttering or minimalism or living a clearer life?  Look around you.  How many half finished jobs, half finished craft projects are lying around your home.  How many half completed ideas are cluttering up your brain and oozing guilt every time you come across them.  How many grand plans have been cut short for lack of funds – how much  money have you paid out on clothes, food, petrol, insurance, books etc because you didn’t think ahead and had to purchase in an emergency?  What if you had saved that money, could that grand plan have come to fruition?

Whatever you want to do.  Wherever you want to be this time next year, it won’t happen all on its own.


3 thoughts on “here’s to the best year yet ….

  1. Just this morning over breakfast Matt and I had a little discussion about how much happier we are to have found a list making/organizational system that motivates us and keeps us on track without feeling like there is a never ending to-do list hanging over our heads. Once you’ve found a system that works for you its can be such an amazing tool. Have a great day.

  2. The book is called an Uncalendar and in the UK only available direct from the manufacturers. However, if you like that you might be interested in my own planner which is currently at the printers. It combines a diary, dream and goal setting, project planning and more. If you are interested send me your email and I will let you know as soon as it is available. Gillie x

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