the door that wouldn’t close

There has been so much to gather and harvest and bring in to the house that I have neglected taking stuff out of it.

Every single guide to decluttering will tell you that it is vital that you get the stuff out of the house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Otherwise there is a risk that people will start to wander up to the pile and retrieve first one item, and then another.  Then, what was once a towering tribute to thrift and minimalism becomes a molehill.  While that is a very real concern, it is not one I have to worry about.  On the other hand I have a big problem with out of sight out of mind.

The flood that prompted this journey began in the Gin Gan (go on google it – you need to learn at least one useless fact a day).  This is right at the end of the house just off The Barn.  Consequently this is where all the stuff that needs to go has been put.  So far so good.  I have  done four trips to various charities with items to go.  This has made only a small dent in the pile.  Then we went away on holiday, and on our return I have been harvesting and gathering.

The result?  I have shut the Gin Gan door.  The Gin Gan is a big room (if you have googled it you will know why).  It is full.  I can look at my increasingly minimalist and ordered house and forget the chaos behind the Gin Gan door.

Until yesterday.  Singer Two brought down five bin bags of clothes and toys to go to charity.  I couldn’t be bothered to clamber round the boxes by the door so I lobbed them over the top.  One got stuck and now the door won’t shut.  Well it would if I went inside the Gin Gan and got on with packing up and dispatching all our unwanted stuff.

Making jellies, and lotions is great fun and I love that we are filling our larder and medicine cabinet with wild food.  But there comes a time when the fun has to stop and some work needs to be done.

UGH!  I am not looking forward to it.  But I have a great playlist on my phone, endless cups of tea and industrial quantities of boxes and bags.  Packing up time.

4 thoughts on “the door that wouldn’t close

  1. I have for the last year or so required that for every one item brought into the house (not including food/consumables) 2 or more must leave. It has helped but am still tackling things in anticipation of an EVENTUAL sale of the house. Of course sometimes I wonder if I’m jinxing myself and should let the clutter pile up ???

  2. I HATE cleaning (who doesn’t?…if you are saying “me!” please come over!) but music definitely helps. I love the idea of decluttering, but find myself never able to keep to my one in one out rule. I need to get on that! It’s a rainy day here so maybe I can start working on this now….

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