food from the foreshore

This is how not to do it.


This is a mixture of pepper dulse and carrageen.  I was running out of bags and thought I would have no trouble separating them out when I got home.  As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman “Big mistake”.  Fortunately PM was on the radio and Eddie Mair kept me going.  Thank you Eddie

Finally I had this.


Carrageen on the left and pepper dulse on the right.  Both will be dried and stored.  Carrageen is an excellent alternative to gelatin and has the advantage that it can be used warm or cold.  Pepper dulse lives up to its name and has a strong pepper flavour and dried is a delicious condiment.

Sea spaghetti will be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge.  I like it just as it is, like samphire, but we had it with a soy sauce dressing on Saturday evening and that was delicious too.


Gutweed and Sea lettuce are drying in the oven and will be fried to make genuine chinese seaweed (rather than the cabbage or lettuce many restaurants substitute)


Finally the kelp drying on the line!


This will be chopped up and fried to make delicious crisps.

In other news the dehydrator has been working overtime and I’m hoping to get going on some salves.  Lime vodka and lemon vodka are on the shelf with their friends and I have a huge bowl of freshly dried lavender for bread and biscuits.

4 thoughts on “food from the foreshore

  1. I envy your ability to pluck seaweed to use for food. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Although many years ago I lived by the sea, I never tried to use seaweed for food. Wish I could taste it now.

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