The is becoming a pleasure not a chore.  When I went out to work I would always put my clothes out, including shoes and jewellery out the night before. Some nights I would panic and just grab one of my standard outfits just so that I didn’t have to think about it in the morning.  These days I don’t have to dress up for work, but I do have to dress!  It is always easier in the summer, a single dress, underwear and sandals and hey presto.  Winter requires more planning because it requires more clothes but I am hoping that by beginning my training with Project333 this summer will help for the winter.

We have just come back from two weeks in Turkey.  The clothes required for a daily temperature of 30-35 degrees is somewhat different to those required for summer in the north of England (even in our heatwave).  I had to make some changes to the 33 items.  At first I thought I had failed, but on reflection I decided I hadn’t.  Failure would be to have gone back to my old wardrobe and I didn’t do that.  So this is was what I did.  On  my return I looked at the clothes in my suitcase and put them in three piles.  Those that had come from my original 33 items; those that had not and would not return to that pile (beach dress, bikini for example); those that had not but I would like to keep.  Pile one and three were put in my 333 wardrobe (after washing of course!).

Then I took out of my 333 wardrobe all the clothes that I had originally put in but hadn’t worn.  I felt compelled to put in trousers including a pair of jeans because I thought I might need them.  But I hardly ever wear trousers.  They were returned to the storage wardrobe.

Now I dress from the much reduced 333 wardrobe, but if I want to wear something that is not there I take it from the storage wardrobe and return it to the 333 wardrobe after wearing.  I’m not up to 33 items yet and everything in my wardrobe has earned the right to  be there.  It is interesting seeing what does go in and I am looking forward to comparing the final 33 at the end of September with the original 33 I chose in July.

No posts over the weekend as I am off on a foraging weekend with Taste the Wild.  I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “wardrobe

  1. I am slowly starting to declutter my house. It is easier said than done, I am afraid. You are ahead of me! I am becoming an expert at eBay…as for wardrobe, well, despite being French I don’t ave many clothes. I couldn’t help wondering, following your comment on my blog, if your were going to keep hubby’s red trousers (:-))) hope you had a great week-end!

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