Now that the kitchen cupboards are clean and sparkly and spacious it is time to tackle the drawers.  People buy me kitchen gadgets and thingamybobs.  How many measuring spoons do I need?  Please, I don’t want any more, or measuring cups or weird ladles.  It took only 40 minutes to turn mess and into order.  See it’s SO EASY.  What are you waiting for?

Photo heavy post.

This is where I keep the stuff I use every day.  Large spoons, graters, spatulas, tongs etc.




This was drawer one.




Drawer one now.




Drawer two



Drawer two now





Drawer three (this is the dump drawer… can you tell?)





Drawer three now




Drawer four





Drawer four now





Drawer five





Drawer five now





Drawer six





Drawer six now




Something small tomorrow I think.  I rather fancy sitting out and enjoying this heatwave 🙂





15 thoughts on “drawers

  1. Gillie, from one down-sizer to another, I love your style and the organized drawers. Why do we wait so long to get around to it? Mine are pretty well organized and now I am thinking about tackling the fridge which always feels too small for the huge quantities of fresh produce I always have. Enjoy the heatwave and thanks for sparking some fond memories of living in England, too!

    1. I tend to do the fridge once a week but we have got a bit behind recently and it needs a good clean before we go on holiday. So may have to do that tomorrow….

  2. Decluttering is so invigorating! I read a book by Andrew Mellon called “Unstuff Your Life.” He kept saying “Everything has a place and like goes with like.” You’ve achieved both of those goals!

    1. Everything has a place and it should be in it. Despite the enormous amount of stuff we have accumulated I have managed to stay organised. But it is so much easier with less stuff!

  3. Gillie, I enjoyed looking inside your drawers 😀 I down-sized to only two drawers. I have a large container that contains all of my large spoons for cooking and so forth, and the two drawers…one for knives and one for wisks / baking spoons. Measuring cups go with the large bowls. My kitchen has no wall cabinets just free standing ones, so I had to be brutal when it came to keeping what was absolutely necessary! Thank you for sharing… m.

    1. Having space is hard, you are tempted to fill it. I am hoping to start all over again once I get to the end and then start all over again again and then finally get to the minimalist level that I am happy with.

      1. You will get there. But you do have to make a commitment to use less and less when you cook. When I finally took my kitchen to the bare essentials, I was able to fully enjoy the process of cooking. m.

  4. I’m still trying to get up the courage to start the downsizing, even as the clutter claws at me day after day. And I’ll never have the courage to post the before and after! (on the other hand, it will give me about a year’s worth of blogging material.)

    1. Do you mean the green thing? It is the most amazing lemon and lime juicer. It beats the pants off traditional juicers and is my can’t live without item.

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