rule bending

If it doesn’t work, try again, bend the rules, make it work for you.  I’m still working on Project333.  Still determined to cut the wardrobe to 33 items (or thereabouts) but have found that some of the things I thought would work, didn’t.

I am a long floaty skirt girl.  I had one long floaty skirt in my selection.  It would have been easy for me to say “AAGH  It doesn’t work I’m giving up and introducing more skirts”.  Alternatively I could say “This selection didn’t work so I need to start again.”  Or “I need to tweak this, maybe 35 would work better for me” or “I need to tweak this I’m not going to wear all those trousers but I could substitute them for some skirts.”  I opted for the latter.

There is no failure unless you give up.  If 35 items works perfectly for you, then have 35 items.  If 33 items works fine but you need one ultra smart outfit that you know will only be worn once, then hold onto that outfit but wear it only on that specific occasion.  Then think about next time an occasion like that comes up.  Could you tweak your 33 to include something suitable?

Today I am going to a smart event at the Cathedral followed by lunch and a private viewing of the Lindisfarne gospels.  I have to look very smart.  I have managed to stick to my 33 items with one exception.  A fuschia silk jacket.  It turns my dress from pretty to smart.  So today I will wear the jacket.  Tonight it goes back into storage. I am not going to beat myself up about it.  I am going to concentrate on what I have achieved already.

This isn’t about making life hard, it’s about making life easier.  You make the rules.  Just remember though, if you keep breaking them then like a smoker who says “oh just one more, I’ll give up tomorrow” you will never get there.

It may be uncomfortable but it isn’t meant to be back breaking.  This week I am going to pack for our holiday to Turkey.  I am looking forward to selecting a handful of items from the 33 in my wardrobe.  No packing angst this year.  What would change in your life if you only had 33 items in your wardrobe?

11 thoughts on “rule bending

  1. Not sure what would change if I had a limit of 33 items, not much I think..I need 2 pair of shorts, 1 long pants (for flying) half a doz. golf style drip dry shirts, 1 pair of socks (for when I must wear them, which is not often) 1 pr. dress shoes, 1 pr boots, 2 pair of sandals, maybe 6 underwear type shorts, 1 dress jacket, and 1 light weight all weather jacket. That’s 22 items, add a backpack, my camera and my laptop and I’m good to go. As long as I make my own rules, I have but one: Keep it simple except when cooking, then follow the recipe as closely as you can.

    1. Really re: recipe I can see that for baking but for non baking recipes? I’m not a great follower of recipes, I follow the instructions but tend to substitute ingredients….. ducking and hiding

  2. Lesson learned from my 13plus years in retail – if it doesn’t scream BUY ME, I don’t buy it. I go through my closet every 6 months. If there is anything I haven’t worn in a calendar year, out it goes. No questions, no guilt, just OUT.
    Good post, thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. By now, if it doesn’t walk into my arms and wrap itself around my body (and make me look 2 dress sizes smaller!) It doesn’t even get a look in!

  3. The problem is that I could have as many as 100 pieces, and I wouldn’t find anything to wear. I suppose that if i had only 33 items in my wardrobe I wouldn’t spend as much time finding our that I have nothing to wear?

  4. Well Gillie, at this time, I have less than 10 items. I have released pretty much my entire wardrobe due to weight-loss, so at this time…3 skirts (floaty by the way), 2 tunics, 1 pair of pants, 2 t-shirts…and this is it so far. I am sewing more items so that I can truly have 33 items, I like this number quite a bit ;0)

    And I do agree with you, it is supposed to make our lives easier, but as long as we are honest with ourselves during the process. m.

      1. Ooh, Maria, well done! How much more do you really need?!!
        Do you people know the “Travel Fashion Girl” blog? I’m fascinated by all the capsule wardrobes, but especially by the 4 (!!!), 6, 8 or 12 garment ones… mind-boggling and a real challenge! Later today, I’m packing for Brittany, so will be trying to keep it right down – and I can cheat because I already have some things there ;o
        (the 4-garment one is 1 dress, 1 pr convertible trousers/shorts, a tank and a shirt for 6 mths South America…)

  5. I’ve been downsizing a lot, too, and literally quite often feel like I don’t have anything to wear. Yet, it’s pretty amazing how I still usually manage to come up with something creative. It’s just so much easier having less and knowing how to put several pieces together for any occasion.

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