wardrobe challenge

Yesterday was the first challenge for the capsule wardrobe.  We were invited to a reception by the County Durham Foundation.  Dress (for women at least) “cocktail dress”.  As the reception was to be held in the garden and the weather is famously inclement up here I would also need some form of cover up and shoes without heels.


No problem.  Blue spotty dress, white cardigan and blue wedge sandals.  It was SO EASY.  None of that staring at the wardrobe and trying on different things (and discovering they no longer fit) and then agonising over whether a cardigan or jacket would be better.  Thanks to the vagaries of Air France I arrived home from the airport with only 15 minutes to get ready.  It was a breeze.

Getting dressed generally is so much easier and more fun.  I have to think laterally, to be imaginative with less is fun.  I don’t have to wander around the bedroom from wardrobe to chest of drawers. It’s all hanging up in one place.

I still only have 30 items so there are 3 more to be added.  As we are going on holiday during this period I am going to hold off until I have decided what I want to take on holiday.  Packing is going to be a lot easier too!

9 thoughts on “wardrobe challenge

  1. And I’m sure you looked (and felt) great too! We’ll be traveling again soon too; the first time since I started the capsule wardrobe. And I’m really looking forward to greater packing ease. We travel quite often, so I think this will be an added boon for me!

  2. Cute dress! Packing is much easier although when going somewhere with different weather it is ok to dip into clothes not in the 333 for the season. Even that is easier after a few seasons because you know it all will fit and look good.

  3. How nice!! That would make getting dressed so much less stressful! I am not down to 33 items, but you did inspire me to give everything a hard look over and send a bag of cast-offs to Goodwill!

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