cull to 33

Head first.  That’s the way I usually go.  I did that recently when the lovely4 year old daughter of a friend of mine encouraged me to do a forward roll.  I am fairly sure that I didn’t break my neck but it was, I feel touch and go.  You would have thought I had learned my lesson.

Yesterday I worked through the first day of the Project333 programme.  What makes this appeal to me is that is isn’t just about creating a capsule wardrobe, but about making you think about what you actually need as opposed to what you thought you wanted.

One of the first exercises was to list the items in your wardrobe that you know you will never wear and why you haven’t got rid of them before.  In every case my answer was guilt.  Guilt that I had spent money on something I haven’t worn and probably will only wear a few times.  Guilt because they were presents and I can’t bring myself to get rid of them.  The source of the guilt was immaterial.  Guilt was the reason.  Just writing that down was freeing.  I don’t have to feel guilty.  I have forgiven myself for much greater sins than the rash purchase of a dress in the East sale.  I have regifted or rehomed any number of presents, why should clothes be different?

Another very illuminating question.  If you could start over, what would be in your ideal wardrobe?  As I listed the items I realised I already owned that wardrobe.  Those things were all there but I couldn’t see them for all the other stuff getting in the way.

So here is draft one of my capsule wardrobe.  Thirty three items not including underwear , gymwear (in my case yoga kit) lounge at home wear (identical to the yoga kit), nightwear (dressing gown and slippers), jewellery worn 24/7 (wedding, eternity and engagement rings, pearl earrings,  silver cross, watch and glass bead bracelets) glasses and prescription sunglasses and yardboots for dog walking/gardening/working outside.


One leather tote, one cotton scarf, one pair flat sandals, one pair suede wedge sandals, one pair fitflops one necklace one bracelet (7).


Two strappy vest tops, 1 cotton loose knit top, 1 turquoise and 1 matelot 3/4 sleeve tee shirts (5)


One pair white linen trousers, 1 pair navy linen trousers, 1 pair black linen trousers, 1 pair grey jeans. (4)

IMG_1032  One long white skirt, one short blue and green skirt and I am wearing a green and white skirt (3)

floaty tops

One sleeveless floaty top, 1 chiffon kaftan top and I am wearing a 3/4 sleeve white floaty top (3)


Two cotton Boden dresses, 1 silk and cotton floaty white dress, 1 smart blue & white silk spotty dress, 1 long jersey dress (5)


One 3/4 sleeve white cardigan, 1 3/4 sleeve green and blue cardigan, 1 long black cardigan with silk chiffon “skirt”. (3)

That comes to 30 – which gives me three more things I can add if and when I need.  It was surprisingly easy.  Now to see how well I can stick to it!

11 thoughts on “cull to 33

    1. I have yardboots as essentials as we live in the back of beyond and have a large vegetable garden that needs regular care and three dogs that need long daily walks. The boots are only worn for that. I don’t really do waterproof jackets. I tend to (a) stay in (b) get wet (c) use one of the ancient umbrellas that live by the door. As for my feet. As long as it’s warm they can get wet!

  1. Well done – as someone who spends most of my time wearing the same old faithfuls I do wonder why have have not gotten rid of my one remaining corporate suit from 5 years ago – its not guilt but now I just need to go and figure out what it is..thank you

  2. Brilliant, Gillie!
    I have done this over and over 😮 I’ve been fascinated by capsule wardrobes since I was very young but never managed to limit myself, really. Gradually I had an enormous wardrobe, all different styles… Eventually I realised I often bought for an imaginary lifestyle(s) and in fact, I only wear 20% of my wardrobe (like most people!) and 33 is actually quite a lot in the way of clothes (if you don’t count shoes, outerwear, jewellery etc.)!! I’m still working on it, it’s another ongoing project and sometimes I still buy something and get it wrong but these days, it leaves the wardrobe again a lot quicker if it doesn’t work 😉
    These days I can easily go on holiday with 6-10 garments in a small carry on and I’m fine, whatever the season, even for several weeks, if necessary… and nobody else cares a hoot what we’re wearing anyway, as long as we’re decent and respectable (one friend was amazed when I said I needed to go and get dressed after breakfast – she’d assumed my nightie was my dress LOL!)!!

    1. Unfortunately it does include shoes, jewellery, outerwear and all accessories. But even then it wasn’t that hard, But it is only day two!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I think that to jump right in and go for it is often the only way to make great changes. All new experiences can be intimidating at the start, but head first we go! Very cool.

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