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Scarves looking pretty

One of the first areas I decluttered was the wardrobe.  I was so proud of myself.  I was vicious.  Clothes I had hung onto which I knew even if I could still get into would be as uncomfortable as hell.  Clothes which fitted a lifestyle I have long since left.  They all went.  I moved things around I could see things.


Shirts hanging neatly in colour order

Actually it was rather uncomfortable because even though I had got rid of a whole load of stuff I wasn’t sure how happy I was with what was left.  With one or two exceptions I wasn’t sure how much I liked them, in one or two cases I wasn’t sure why I had bought them in the first place (or worse I knew precisely why I had bought them and the rationale was rubbish).

But a girl has to have clothes and while it might be fine for the Singers and the Dancer to run around in micro shorts and cute little tops.  I have a responsibility not to shock the neighbours into an early grave, I have to cover up with something a little more substantial.


Or so I thought.  No not the size of my clothes,  that will remain more or less the same and on the conservative side of decent in the interests of my neighbours’ health.  But the amount of them.  Despite the recent cull there is still far, far too much in there.

Many years ago I was a Weekender’s Clothing Rep.  The concept was based around a capsule wardrobe of clothes that could be worn in totally different ways.  We did a “show” with a volunteer taking them through a whole luxury weekend from dinner to walking in the country to lying by the pool with only a tiny bag of about 4 jersey items.  The bag turned into a waterproof jacket.

It was fun but I wasn’t sure I could really go away for a weekend with just that bag. The company has gone out of business now and I regret not keeping that kit.  It was the epitome of versatility.


Then I came across Project333.  Live for three months with only 33 items in your wardrobe (there are some exceptions).  No way, I thought.  Why not, I thought.  Go for it, I thought.  There I have said it, in public.  I am going to cut down my wardrobe to 33 items and live with just them for July, August and September.  Two weeks ago I would never have even dreamed of taking up this challenge, but that’s what happens when your mindset goes off on a wander.  It takes you to the weirdest places.

In all honesty I am not going to be able to cull quite as drastically as this in 24 hours, but the programme starts today and I’ll keep you updated.

7 thoughts on “going public

  1. does that 33 include undies and shoes, or just top stuff? Cos if it is just top stuff I have less than 33 items already……

  2. Certainly includes shoes. Excludes nightwear and gym kit (or similar but latter to be used ONLY for excercise not sneaked into wardrobe) I think undies are excluded but scarves, accessories (except jewellery worn 24/7 like a wedding ring) coats, hats etc are all included.

  3. Best of luck on this challenge. I think its a good one. I can’t wait to hear what you learn along the way. And you’ve inspired me to tackle my closet…something I’ve “been meaning to do” for a while now.

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