win win


This all has to go.  Some of it already has and much of it is already earmarked but that still leaves a lot of stuff.  Do we sell or donate?  This is a hypothetical question because we have already decided but with this much to dispose of it was a substantial dilemma.


My gut (whose advice I follow quite strictly) feeling is to give.  There are two reasons for this, one practical and one emotional.  Practically, it is a pain to have to list hundreds of little things on Ebay (or whatever your preferred sale venue) for potentially very little return.  Experience has suggested that fishing tackle, furniture, high-end clothes sell well and are worth the effort.  The rest no.  There is far too much there to go to one car boot sale, we would have to go every weekend for a month and still no guarantee of sale.  Life is too short to spend it standing behind a pile of junk in the hope that it might be somebody else’s treasure.  Final option was the UK equivalent of a US yard sale.  This might have been a viable option if we had any chance of passing trade, but the pheasants and squirrels have shown little interest in our books and the sheep show little interest full stop.

Emotionally, I feel that I have more than I need, I have a wonderful home and family I want for nothing.  There are people and organisations for whom our duvets and towels would be a lifesaver.  To sell them for pennies which I do not need seems wrong.

So the final decision was as follows:

  • Linen to Durham Women’s Refuge
  • Books to Borderline Books
  • Furniture sold.  Having thought this would be very hard it turned out to be remarkably easy.  Ask and you shall be given.  I just mentioned to a few people that we had some furniture for sale and buyers just came out of the woodwork.
  • Everything  usable to St Cuthbert’s Hospice.
  • The remainder to the recycling centre and tip.

The balance seems right.  I am enjoying seeing everything go, not just because it is wonderful to feel the space they have left behind but also because of the knowledge that instead of rotting away in a cupboard or a shelf unwanted and unused they are going out into the world to be used and loved by people who will genuinely appreciate them.  Win Win.


12 thoughts on “win win

  1. I did my own decluttering a few years ago. Most of the house is minimalist now but some rooms still need to be sorted. I disposed of my unwanted items in a similar way to you. A few things were sold, some given to friends or family but the majority of it went to various charity shops.
    I feel quite good about that.

  2. Gillie, I just can imagine how wonderful and free you feel after you get all the clutter out of the house. I KNOW that feeling. I WAAAAANT that feeling. It’s time to get to work at my house.

  3. You and I are kindred spirits! My book collection looks very similar, although I could never part with them. I applaud you for your efforts in de cluttering and am so glad you are donating the books to a loving place!

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