moving the mindset


With thanks to for the excellent diagram above.

It’s moved, really quite substantially.  Not my mind (though it shudders and shakes on a regular basis as I try to dredge up some vital piece of information such as the preterite tense of ir, I remembered eventually it’s fui, fuiste etc.) but my mindset.  My mindset is becoming more minimalist.   I have a long way to go before I have a house that looks like a John Pawson , if indeed I actually want one.  However, I now find myself wandering around the rooms picking up things and questioning their right to be there.

Today I removed a salt and pepper set, 3 hurricane lamps a (very neat but unnecessary) pile of magazines, a vase and a soap dish.  I wasn’t actually decluttering I was making the beds, doing the laundry and getting ready for the WI meeting. Nonetheless I automatically decluttered, I did it without thinking.  My eyes were seeing things from a different angle to before.

I first noticed the difference when we were in Glasgow and although I was happy to potter around the shops it was mainly because I was enjoying reliving my youth (well my twenties!) rather than the shopping itself. In terms of purchases I bought one pair of shoes £15 (approximate original value from Bally £350) almost unworn, complete with wooden shoe trees to replace a pair that I threw out.  Hardly profligate and wanton consumerism.

So if the mindset is changing, what else will change?  How will that affect the rest of my life and those around me?  I hope it leads to some of the following:

  • more space, not just physical but emotional.  We have all noticed how much nicer the house is with less stuff in it and there is a feeling of movement rather than blockage.
  • more time.  With less to look after and only the things we want to look after I hope we have more time for each other, for doing things we want to do rather than have to do.
  • less pointless decisions (this dress or those shoes for example).
  • opportunities for my daughters to see how a less materialistic life is not a less rich life.
  • questions, discussions and learning from each other.
  • less unnecessary expenditure.

I am coming to the end of the first week of my blog.  This time next year I hope I can look back and tick yes to the above.

4 thoughts on “moving the mindset

  1. Excellent, Gillian! I know that in the past when I’ve spent time de-cluttering, my work takes on a manic spirit, and the kids start to fear that I’ll throw them out, too. It’s so freeing to get down to what you actually NEED and only that.

  2. I find decluttering to be an ongoing, lifelong process – 15 years so far! Life goes on, situations change, things come and go, kids move out, members of the older generation leave us things… I still find it exhiliarating to get rid of stuff, even though I like my creature comforts!
    Do you follow Bea’s blog, I wonder? I find her zeal interesting, but couldn’t see us being quite that extreme! But loving reading about your journey into minimalism and zero waste 🙂

    1. It was reading Bea’s book that started me on the journey. I thought I was quite good at decluttering but what I was really good at was tidying. Then we were flooded and I had to clear up. I agree she has taken it to the limit but she has made me think about what we need and use.

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